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TempoGate®-the smart assistant for the R-Series V

Temposonics, company of the Amphenol Group, announces the release of the TempoGate®smart assistant for the R-Series Vposition sensors.

The advanced features and smart functions of the new generation as well as TempoGate®make existing and new applications future-proof and ready for Industry 4.0.The TempoGate®smart assistant supports all R-Series Vsensorswith intelligent diagnostics and operational statistics. One TempoGate®can be linked to as many as 24 R-Series Vsensors with digital outputs EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP™, POWERLINK, PROFINET and SSIor available soon for up to 12 R-Series VAnalog sensors. Once connected via power supply, the devices are able to communicate bi-directionally.TempoGate®providesstatus information and settings of the connectedR-Series Vsensors and transmitsthem via OPC UAduring operation. Equipped with an OPC UA server, TempoGate®enables users to monitor additional sensor parameters and combine this information with other machine status data. The smart assistantisdesigned for permanent installation in acontrol cabinet and transfers the following sensors’ current details via LAN or WIFI network to a graphical user interface:Current sensor status such as the total distance travelled by the position magnet, the total operational hours of the sensor and the current temperature inside the sensor electronics housingCurrent parameter settings such as the resolution and the measuring directionSensor information such as the order code and the serial numberUsers benefit from the smart integration into the control cabinet, which connects TempoGate®directly into their systems to support condition monitoring and link it to further data of other components of the plant.Temposonics® R-Series Vposition sensors together with the new TempoGate®smart assistant provides operatorswith detailed information to improve machine performance, optimizemaintenance cycles, and detect issuesat an early stage to increase machine uptime.


  • Lüdenscheid, Germany
  • Kai Niklas Jansen