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NEW: low-temperature freezer by Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer LT – low temperature second stage ice cream freezers

At the heart of the new low temperature ice cream concept is the Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezer LT second stage freezer, which cools ice cream down to -12 to -15 °C / 10 to 5 °F where it becomes very viscous, rather like soft clay. It is ideal for shaping into a variety of new products. The cold kneading of our Microform Technology™ creates a stable fine-structured ice cream with improved product quality.

Low temperature ice cream undergoes a cold kneading process in the Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer LT, creating a finely structured ice cream with a smoother, creamier taste. You can now achieve excellent creaminess even with low-fat ice cream so that healthier, low fat products can taste just as good as top-of-the-range traditional ice cream.

Model: l/h (US gph)

​​Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer LTS300 A1* ​80 - 300 l/h (21 - 79 gph)

​Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer LT1400 A1 ​1200 - 1500 l/h (310 - 400 gph)

​Tetra Pak Continuous Freezer LT3000 A1​ ​2400 - 3000 l/h (620 - 800 gph)​

* Self-contained freezer for pilot plant use.

Actual outlet capacities will depend upon mix formulation, outlet temperatures and other factors. Capacities are based on 100% overrun.


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