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NEW: dosing machine by Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak® Ingredient Dosers for continuous dosing

The Tetra Pak range of fruit and ingredient feeders Tetra Hoyer Addus™ are being upgraded to the new series Tetra Pak® Ingredient Dosers with new automation and other new design features to make the best even better.

First step is Tetra Pak® Ingredient Doser 4000 A2 for continuous dosing of fruit pieces, nuts, candies and other ingredients - even sticky ingredients as jam, cookie dough and the likes into ice cream.

With a redesigned lamella pump we greatly extended the lifetime on the wear parts.

With smart automation we've made Tetra Pak Ingredient Doser 4000 A2 more in​telligent to enable greater control and accuracy. You get more uniform product quality, less giveaway, less waste and lower costs.

Our new design also assures gentle handling, enabling use of fragile ingredients and even distribution of sticky ingredients, while preventing lumping and assuring consistent quality.

Finally, by using automation to achieve even greater efficiency, less waste, less human error, and more uptime, you benefit from a very short payback time and the lowest total cost of ownership.


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