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【THB】bearing selection recommendation - mining industry

bearing selection recommendation - mining industry

Industry: Mining

Bearing application equipment:

mining vibrating machinery, vibrating screen machinery, vibrating motor.

Characteristics of bearing application conditions:

harsh working environment, high environmental humidity, many dust particles, long continuous working time of equipment, high operating temperature, and strong vibration and impact during work.

Selection recommendation:

spherical roller bearings【A.MA series】

cylindrical roller bearings【NNU series】


Bearing features:

1. The general dimensional tolerance is P6, and the rotation tolerance is P5;

2. Since the working conditions are mostly heavy load and impact load, the bearing generates a large amount of heat, so the initial bearing clearance generally chooses C3, C4 or a special customized large clearance;

3. It is recommended that the cage be machined brass and guided by the outer ring to be suitable for eccentric loads.

Four-point Contact Ball Bearing


  • Yuan Jiang Lu, Min Hang Qu, Shang Hai Shi, China
  • THB Bearings