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TOPSFLO micro-pump plays an important role in portable medical devices for infants

TOPSFLO micro-pump plays an important role in portable medical devices for infants

TOPSFLO micro-pump plays an important role in portable medical devices for infants

Premature birth is the biggest killer of newborn babies in the world. According to the report of the world health organization (WHO), more than 15 million premature babies are born every year in the world, with a mortality rate of 10%, which is higher in war-torn countries in Africa and the Middle East.

TOPSFLO has been committed to doing more for newborn health problems. In 2016, A young British engineer has come up with a portable incubator for newborns after watching a documentary about children growing up in a Syrian refugee camp. If premature babies are placed in incubators, they can grow in a warm, clean and controlled environment to prevent infection. In particular, in the case of power failure of the incubator, the car battery can be used as a backup power to continue running for 24 hours until the main power supply returns, and the weight is 90% lighter than the traditional incubator, which is easy to carry. If used in refugee camps and other remote parts of the developing world, the new incubators could greatly improve the survival rate of premature babies. Then the young engineer designed the incubators base on the idea and won the James Dyson Award.

In 2016, the young British engineer with dream and enthusiasm, sent an email to Topsflo to inform the contacting reason and hoped to find a micro-diaphragm pump that can be applied to their new designed incubator. If the product is suitable, they will purchase 2,000 units per year. Although the order volume is small, Topsflo overseas business department colleague were moved by this story. After browsing the website of the British engineer, she reported it to the company's top management and decided to send two sample diaphragm pumps to the British company immediately with the expectation to provide as more as technical support for the safety of premature babies.

Two months later, Topsflo sent emails again asking the UK customers for the test result, while no response received.

In 2017,Topsflo provided the customized diaphragm pump TM40 for Japan's largest baby products manufacturer, which is used in infant electric suction devices. Japanese customers, with a 62-year history, have repeatedly reiterated that the safety of infants and young children is above all else.

In order to cope with the special use of infants and young children, Topsflo pump has set a higher testing standard. In addition to Topsflo's products have passed the EU RoHS certification, all products are sent to a third-party testing agency to ensure that all materials are free of fluorescent agents, and be safe use for infants and young children.

Topsflo devoted a lot of energy to the safety of infants and young children, has also won the trust of Japanese customers. For two consecutive years, it 120,000 units has stably supplied to Japanese customers. The cooperation is still continuing...

However, for each upgraded technology & small breakthrough on the TM40 diaphragm pump, Topsflo overseas sales colleague couldn’t resist emailing the young British Engineer and telling him that Topsflo pumps are in the continuous improvement & may give him new help. Hopefully one day, premature babies can have a warm, safe swaddling to take good care of their growth even in underdeveloped areas. Even if there is fire & unrest outside or it’s bitterly cold outside, every baby will have a long & wonderful journey when he comes to the world.

Topsflo always advocates that “to be a human being, one should constantly think about how to spend the life in abundance”. Even though we live in cities with plenty of materials goods and work in a small cubicle every day, we still have the power to change the world. We can make the world a better place through our own efforts at any time.

Topsflo also hopes to escort the health of infants through the small micro pump. The world is very beautiful, and everyone deserves a good trip.


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