How does TOPSFLO break through the pain points of the hot beverage machine industry?

topsflo micro dc pump
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high-temperature pumps for kitchen hot drink machines

The kitchen hot drink machine, also called the instant hot drink machine, is a general term for an equipment system that can heat drinking water to a temperature close to the boiling point in 2 seconds or less for users to drink. Because the equipment needs to maintain a high temperature of 98-100 degrees for a long time, the following hidden dangers will occur when using the hot water pump:

1. Deformation and aging of the plastic shell under high temperature, resulting in leakage;

2. The noise becomes louder after a period of use;

3. The flow of hot water is unstable, especially at high temperature, the flow of water becomes smaller and smaller;

4. The service life of the water pump cannot meet the requirements and will not operate after a few months of use.

TOPSFLO Pumps has specially developed the B03 and B10 series of high-temperature pumps for kitchen hot drink machines, considering materials and technology. Solve all hidden dangers of high temperature for customers. In terms of material selection, TOPSFLO Pumps does not hesitate to pay for the cost, using better quality, more high-temperature resistant materials to ensure the long-term batch consistency and performance stability of the high-temperature pump of the kitchen hot drink machine.

1. Using Japan imported Xyron PPE high temperature resistant plastic material, compared with other ordinary products of PA or domestic plastic, higher temperature resistance and better reliability;

2. Adopting injection-molded magnetic integrated rotor, and Japanese imported magnets can withstand high temperature of 460 degrees;

3. Using well-known brand enameled wire, the highest temperature resistance is 180-220 degrees. Secondly, when the water boils, a large number of bubbles will be generated. The micro water pump is easy to trap and block the air, which leads to reduced flow and noise problems. Exhaust becomes a very critical problem. Dopro’s engineering team has more than 20 years of experience in the research and development of micro brushless DC pumps. It has directly participated in customer pipeline installation design for many times. It is very clear about customer problems, provides customers with professional solutions, and optimizes the design of water pumps for these problems. To achieve the best match with the customer's application: such as strengthening the sealing of the water inlet and outlet design, patented exhaust design, and accelerated exhaust in combination with the actual installation position. Finally, the water pump material passed WRAS and FDA food certification.

The FDA is recognized as one of the largest food and drug regulatory agencies in the world, with strict requirements and direct recognition by the US market. WRAS is a certification for drinking water safety in the United Kingdom. This certification is a necessary license for the British market. Currently, there is no laboratory authorized by WRAS in China to certify water pump products. In order to do this certification, Dopler Pumps has all the pump components The materials are sent directly to the British laboratory for testing. After more than one year of rigorous testing, Dopler pumps have passed the tests and successfully obtained the WRAS certification. After the WRAS has passed the certificate, they will be re-inspected regularly to ensure the long-term product Safe and healthy. It can be said that there are very few domestic water pumps that meet FDA and WRAS certification. This is also a very obvious advantage of TOPSFLOPumps becoming the preferred partner of large companies. All materials of the products are absolutely safe and secure.

kitchen hot drink machines high-temperature pumps
kitchen hot drink machines high-temperature pumps

food grade kitchen hot drink machines high-temperature pumps

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