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Benefits and characteristics of W-Tank digesters®

W-Tank digesters®

The digester is an important ally in different projects.

It is common to use in areas that lack access to sewage systems, significantly benefits the environment by avoiding aquifer contamination, and is even a perfect choice for construction projects because of ease of installation.

The biodigestor has an inlet for the organic material, a space for its decomposition, an outlet with control valve for gas (biogas), and an outlet for the already processed material (bioabone). It is the substance that results from the decomposition of manure. It is characterized by no contaminants which makes it fertilizer for soil and crops.

What is biogas?

Biogas is a combustible gas that is generated in natural media or in specific places, so that manure becomes biogas and biol there is an anaerobic fermentation (absence of oxygen) where bacteria and microorganisms transform the matter, constituted mainly by methane and carbon dioxide.

W-Tank ® features and benefits.

The benefits go beyond biogas production or waste utilization to convert into energy. One of its most important functions is to improve people’s quality of life.

The PRFV is a composite material in which glass fibers – with their high mechanical strength – constitute the structural part of the product, while resins, suitablely selected for each application, give it the anticorrosive characteristics and the Cohesion.

• Its versatility allows for reduced maintenance, easy transport and easy installation anywhere in the world.

• Reduction of greenhouse effect and pollution. It takes care of the environment, prevents contamination of aquifers and helps to reduce unnecessary logging for energy production.

• Control and reduction of odors.

• Positive energy balance.

The properties of W-Tank® make it ideal for applications such as the storage of corrosive acids or liquids found in leachatate ponds, also for water desalination, and the storage of halogens such as fluoride, chlorine or iodine.


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