Parameterizable incremental rotary encoders: New generation

TR-Electronic GmbH
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The new generation of incremental rotary encoders from TR-Electronic rigorously continues the "one for all" technology of the parameterizable encoder.

The number of lines per revolution can be freely adjusted throughout the entire range up to 70 000. The width of the zero pulse and the position in relation to the encoder tracks can also be adapted to your controller''s requirements. Particularly useful for commissioning: The zero pulse can be electronically adjusted - mount, set electronically, ready.

The supply voltage can vary between 4.5 and 32 V DC. The output levels are either identical to the supply voltage or set to TTL. Parameterization is easy using PC software and a USB adapter. Adjustable incremental rotary encoders are a real problem solver for new systems in warehousing and logistics. But a "one for all" rotary encoder is even more useful when it comes to the maintenance and repair of existing systems: One spare part can be used for all resolutions.

With different shaft-flange combinations, such as solid shaft, slip-on or through hollow shaft for shafts with a diameter up to 15mm or ½", the I__58:2 parameterizable incremental encoders can be used in almost any installation situation.

_ IEV: freely programmable up to 10 000 pulses

_ IOV: freely programmable up to 70 000 pulses

_ Now up to 15mm or ½“ hollow shaft or blind shaft

_ Wide range input 4.5 - 32 V DC

_ Electronic zero pulse adjustment

Parameterizable incremental rotary encoders: New generation

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