Small switch with a big effect

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With the help of this information it can also logically detect and adopt the position of the replaced device. Once this information has been determined, it is retained. Something that is very helpful in normal circumstances can be a problem for service technicians.

Often the error is located by replacing components. If the error still remains, the component is swapped back.

And what happens to the replacement rotary encoder now? As the neighborhood detection only works once, the replacement encoder can no longer be freely used. It must be reset to the delivery condition, so that it can once again determine its environment through neighborhood detection.

Previously this required a programming device together with the relevant cabling, as well as the know-how for resetting the rotary encoder to its default address.

TR-Electronic offers an optional reset switch for the CEV58 series with Profinet and axial connections. This makes resetting much easier for the maintenance technician: He disconnects the Profinet cables, but the supply voltage remains connected. He opens the cover of the reset switch and resets the rotary encoder to its delivery condition by pressing the switch. The device is now ready for a new point of use. Without the need for a programming device or any special knowledge in handling it.

The reset switch can be ordered as an option for devices in the CEV58 series with Profinet and axial connections. The reset switch is protected against unintended actuation by a tight screw connection.

Small switch with a big effect

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