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TRUMPF introduces thermography for laser welding

Ditzingen, April 4, 2016 - TRUMPF will be presenting a new process-monitoring system for laser tube welding at the Tube trade fair in Düsseldorf. Based on thermography, the system can be used to visualize welding processes. A sensor system combined with a high-speed camera monitors the temperature on the surface of the workpiece and detects defects in the weld seam during welding, for example a lack of fusion, cracks, pores or poor penetration. Thermography gives machine operators greater insights into how the process is unfolding, enabling them to act independently to optimize the system parameters and welding process on the basis of the sensor readings. This ultimately leads to higher productivity. The process-monitoring system also allows users to identify and remove faulty parts.

The new thermography-based process-monitoring system is an optional extra for the SeamLine Pro weld monitoring system, which is already available to customers. SeamLine Pro measures seam geometry and helps keep the focal spot perfectly aligned with the joint gap during welding. It does this by monitoring the seam welding point, the focal spot and the weld itself all at the same time. SeamLine Pro also collects the data required to evaluate the quality of the finished weld seam. TRUMPF will initially be introducing the thermography option for its TruFlow CO2 lasers in combination with the TruLaser Cell 1100. Plans are also underway to make the system available for machines that feature solid-state lasers.


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