New TBN/TRN-S4 Series with SIL2 certification

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TWK has expanded its range of incremental encoders to include the TBN/TRN-S4 series with SIL2 certification.

The TBN/TRN-S4 Series has been awarded SIL2 certification by TÜV, thus meeting the requirements for use in safety-related applications. TWK's proven safety series of magnetic encoders is expanded with the TBN/TRN-S4 series, which features increased resolution in the single-turn range (model TBN) and a variety of different applications. The resolution of the sensor system can be up to 16 bits. The detection of the multiturn part, i.e. the number of revolutions (max.12 bit), is done by an absolute multiturn gear (model TRN). This model series is an all-round talent. It covers the entire spectrum, from large and robust to miniature versions, which can be used in areas that do not require extremely high standards for environmental influences and must be cost-effective.

In addition to the safe position value, a safe speed signal is generated. The gate time can be varied to record the speed value. The default value is 100ms. The gate time can be parameterized from 1 to 1000ms depending on the requirements, thus enabling extensive use of the speed signal for e.g. slewing ring applications or time-relevant requirements.

The customer can select various mechanical variants from the extensive portfolio. These include: Clamping flange with shaft design, blind shaft for preferably Ø 12 mm, various shaft diameters (Ø6, Ø10 or Ø12 mm), optionally with flattening or feather key or Woodruff key. Customer-specific requirements can also be implemented together with the customer.

The radial and axial shaft load is ≥ 250 N. This very high value also allows the use in harsh environments. In order to meet special requirements, versions with a shock load of up to 500g ± 50g are implemented in separate variants for extreme industrial conditions. In addition to the version made of seawater-resistant aluminium (AlMgSi1), the housing can be supplied in a stainless-steel version (1.4305 or 1.4404) for special requirements such as offshore applications or requirements from the food industry.

The TBN/TRN-S4 series has protection class IP 66 and can be used in a temperature range from - 40 °C to + 85 °C. Especially for extreme requirements, the option of encapsulating the entire housing is available to meet the requirements of IP69K applications. The electromechanical interface can be designed as a cable output or connector output (M12 sensor plug).

As a controller system, a Cortex 32-bit controller of the latest generation forms the corresponding hardware platform. For the most diverse applications, various scenarios are also available with regard to shield connection, DC/DC concepts for the supply voltage and the optional electrical isolation of the output signals.

Logo SIL2 certification
Logo SIL2 certification

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