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Tzone Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
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China: "Our industry has been facing new challenges"

In recent years, the worldwide import and export volumes have increased. According to Anna from Tzone Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Tzone Digital”), the growth rate of import and export business volume varies from region to region: “We are a professional temperature monitoring company, this improvement bring us new business opportunities for our company and new demand for our products. Overall, we see that for import and export, the Netherlands and Spain in Europe and America are fast growing regions. Though, in the future we think that countries in the Middle East also have big potential to grow fast. They are also starting to expand their export and import businesses and grow rapidly in the next few years.”

Established in 2006, Tzone Digital has devoted to the research and development of temperature as well as humidity monitoring devices. They have their own factory in China and also a branch office in Canada. “The competition in the temperature and humidity data logger market is quite fierce in China. We try to differentiate ourselves by providing good service and quality. Every data logger or temperature monitor we produced are with rigorous tests before being sold. We also have our own testing machines and research laboratories to confirm quality, which is an important part of our company strategy, so we put a lot of attention on this.”

“Secondly, we also make sure that our products are user friendly. For example, our data loggers have a USB port. When the goods arrive at the destination, customers can easily insert the USB into their computer and a PDF file with the relevant data will be shown. No specific software or driver required, the PDF and CSV files are generated automatically. There are two models of hot-selling USB data loggers. One is single-use and another one is multi-use. Customers can choose freely according to their own application scenarios.” Anna also added that they listen closely to feedback of their customers and also obtain market information through their own research. In this way they constantly try to improve their products and find ways to make new products.

“Our main products are widely used in cold chain logistics and storage and any other applicable areas where temperature needs to be monitored. Except the traditional USB data loggers, there are wireless real-time temperature and humidity devices. With the cloud platform, clients could monitor their transportation condition remotely at any time.”

TZONE was interviewed by Freshplaza

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