Disposable USB temperature data loggers improve monitoring efficiency

Tzone Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
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In recent years, the development of temperature recorders in various fields has become more extensive, and the demand for products has also been continuously upgraded, especially in the fruit and vegetable industry.

"The quality of fruits and vegetables is the basis of health. In the process of production, storage and transportation, excessive temperature & humidity can directly cause deterioration of fruits and vegetables or reduce their quality. Therefore, timely grasping the temperature & humidity can effectively prevent various risks from storage to transportation."

"As a high-tech enterprise specializing in various temperature & humidity monitoring products, Tzone (Tzone Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) has been committed to wireless temperature & humidity monitoring for many years, relying on the company's own R&D team and factory for product development. A variety of products have become best-sellers in the domestic and overseas markets."

Tzone's temperature & humidity recorder products are mainly for overseas fruit and vegetable traders and logistics companies. We aim to provide suitable monitoring temperature & humidity products according to the needs of different customers and industries to monitor the environmental temperature & humidity. "At this stage, Tzone's new products are two USB series Temp & RH Data Loggers: one is a disposable temperature data logger - TempU02, and the other is a multi-use temperature & humidity data logger with LCD display - TempU03. Both products are very affordable and high-precision. In order to provide customers with a real experience, Tzone can provide a free sample to new customers.

"In the past few years, the temperature & humidity recorder industry has been facing new challenges. Many overseas customers in the cold chain transportation pay close attention to the temperature & humidity records, and domestic customers mainly use the products in fixed places like warehouse and refrigerators. In the face of these challenges, Tzone strictly controls the quality of its products and responds sensitively to changes in demand to develop the most suitable temperature & humidity recorder products for its customers."

Disposable USB temperature data loggers improve monitoring efficiency

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