Energy saving, miniature valves

A. u. K. Müller
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The miniature valve, series 19.00x.287 from the valve specialist A. u. K. Müller is ideal for applications with limited space. Despite its compact size, the cartridge design allows a high fluidic performance and the latching variants provide a very low power consumption option.

Thanks to the miniature design the size, weight and material of overall systems can be significantly reduced. Therefore, the valve is mainly applied in portable devices, such as metering or sampling equipment. The ease of integration, with a width of only 15 mm, enables use as block valve in applications where parallel media handling is required.

Currently, the valve is available with two nominal orifice sizes, a third will follow shortly, so a selection according to the application specific flow requirements is possible. The low power consumption of the latching miniature valve, which requires no power to maintain the position, allows battery operation maintaining a safe valve function, fast response times and high long-term durability. For non-battery applications, mono stable versions are available.

Another advantage is the wide temperature range of up to 70 °C fluid temperature and 50 °C ambient temperature. The valve is suitable for liquids, such as drinking water (variants with corresponding approvals are available) as well as similar liquids and non-corrosive gases.

Energy saving, miniature valves

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