Vacuum controlled drain valves

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Vacuum controlled direct acting drain valves are typically applied for cleaning, disinfection and drainage of large vessels or tanks.

Valves of this type have a medium separated control pressure chamber and typically work in the vacuum range of 20 – 80 kPa abs. As the valves are purely vacuum driven, they are suitable for spray- and jet water applications.

The valves are offered with nominal widths of DN 40 or DN 50 as 2/2 way normally open or normally closed variants. Furthermore a 3/2 way version with DN 40 is already available and a DN 50 version is under development and will be offered soon.

All variants have a PPE valve body, which is suitable for water of higher temperature (max. 90 °C/ 194 °F) and chemically resistant. For an extended chemical resistance a valve body from PVDF and an FKM membrane can be offered optionally. For fluidic connection the valves can either be equipped with threaded or hose connections.


• Direct acting

• Vacuum controlled

• Long term performance capability

• Max. medium temperature 90°C

• No minimum pressure required

• Suitable for spray- and jet water

• High operating safety by use of high quality materials and 100% final testing of the products


• Industrial washing machines and dishwashers

• Cleaning devices for medical equipment

• Cleaning and disinfection systems in the dairy industry and process engineering

Vacuum controlled drain valves

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