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Vapor Permeability Tester

Product Features:

For plastic films, laminated films, fabrics, leather, solar cells, building materials and other materials, as well as the vapor permeability test of tableware, health, medical, textile and leather, and other fields of materials.

Working Principle:

Weigh method. Control test environment temperature, humidity, fixed humidity difference of sample in both sides; vapor goes through the sample into the dry side. Measure the weight of sample cup according to time, and analyze the vapor permeability and vapor permeability coefficient.

Application Characteristics:

Automatic test: just set the temperature, humidity, and warm-up time and stop conditions, after that, test begins automatically; automatically determine the end of the trial and save the test results;

Power-off saving function; full monitoring and automatic recording; sampling rate is adjustable;

The entire testing process can reproduce; powerful graphics curve function, easy comparative testing, and analysis;

Host software has a common database system, and data can be exported, for data storage, query, print, and other functions. Through the analysis of historical data, it’s easy to grasp the product historical dynamic.


Weighing principle: double testing methods of weight loss, weight gain, in full compliance with national standards, osmotic environment is consistent with the weighing environment, eliminate operator error

Dual test mode: interval weighing, continuous weighing

The world's top high-precision sensors (MT / Mettle - Toledo), test data is accurate, test time is short

Pure semiconductor temperature control, no electric wire, automatic temperature control in cooling heating, temperature control is more accurate; parallel work, higher reliability;

Test chamber internal environment control: biplane circulating air, automatic speed control

Before sample weighing, stop the wind, gas, clear the balance to ensure accurate weighing

Precision humidity control, various humidity control methods (drying trays, dry wind towers, humidifiers)

Patent no slide specimen cup, does not generate any distortion or damage to specimen,

Embedded control, PC machine full process monitoring, intelligent testing process


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