Infrared spectroscopy oil in water analyzer

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Technical principle: extract the oil material in the water using tetrachloromethane, measure the total extracts, extract liquor adsorb via adsorb magnesium silicate, after removing polar material such as the animal and plant oil, determine oil type. The total extracts and the content of petroleum are calculated by absorbance A2930,A2960 and A3030 in the spectrum band ,wave number 2930cm-1(stretching vibration of C-H key in CH2 group ), 2960cm-1(stretching vibration of C-H key in CH3group), 3030cm-1(stretching vibration of C-H key in aromatic nucleus ).The content of animal and plant oil are calculated by the difference of total extractor and oil content.

Main technical index:

1. Detection limit: 0.04mg/L (calculate 3 times standard deviation measuring 11 times blank)

2. Wavelength Range: 3400cm-1~2400cm-1(2941nm~4167nm)

3. Absorbency range: 0.0000~2.0000AU (transmittance 100)

4. Minimum detectable concentration: 0.001mg/L (enrichment extraction method)

5. Maximum measured concentration: 10000mg/L (dilution gaging)

6. Instrument measurement range: (0.05~100)mg/L

Main instrument characteristics:

1. Using Windows XP and Windows 7 operating system control.

2. Have the function of measuring instrument correction coefficient.

3.Adopt advanced industrial serial interface technology.

4.True three wave number, clear infrared three wave spectrum diagram, accuracy scale, could clearly display absorb spectrum diagram and absorbance produced by three wave numbers.

5.Automatically adjust wavelength location of instrument methylene 2930cm-1, realizing accuracy measurement.

6.Adopt high performance pyroelectric infrared detectors, accurately gather the signal of pyroelectric current formed in the circuit when halogen lights are lighting and out.

Infrared spectroscopy oil in water analyzer

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