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Full Spectrum Direct Reading Spectrometer

Specification and technical parameter

Item Indicator

Detection substrate Fe

Detection time According to the type of test sample, usually it is about 25s.

Optical system Palmer type - runge Rowland circle full spectrum vacuum type optical system

Wavelength range 130 ~ 800nm

Focal length 400mm

Detector high-performance CCD array

Electrode Tungsten material spray electrode

Analytical gap Sample Stage Analytical gap:3.4mm

Operating temperature (10 ~ 35)°C

Storage temperature (0 ~ 45)°C

Operating humidity 20% ~ 80%

Argon purity requirements 99.999%

Argon gas inlet pressure 0.5MPa

Argon flow Stimulating flow is about 3.5L/min, maintaining flow is about 0.4L/min.

Stimulating max power 400VA

Light source type brand new adjustable digital light source, high energy preliminary combustion science (HEPS)

Discharge frequency 100-1000 Hz

Discharge current Max 400A

Spark Stand aperture 13mm

Vacuum system Vacuum software automatically control and monitor

Working power 220V AC, 50/60Hz, the single-phase power supply of protective grounding

Instrument dimensions 860*720*500

Instrument weight 80kg

Optical system

 full spectrum optical system of Palmer type - runge structure

 Maximum wavelength range: 130 ~ 800nm

 Multiple high performance CCD detector

 Integrated optical chamber process molding, resistant to change of environment temperature

 Vacuum light chamber design guarantees C, S, P, could achieve the best performance.

 light room temperature control, constant temperature is 35 °C

 Directed type optical technology and lens MgF2 materials ensure that the best energy of UV wavelength of C, S, P.


  • U-Therm International (H.K.) Limited