Upgrade of level monitoring system in grain storage

UWT GmbH - Level Control
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A large grain storage facility in the south of England required a reliable content measuring device to replace an old acoustic wave system which was no longer functioning.

Non-contact continuous level measurement

UWT (UK) Limited proposed the use of the free-radiating radar NivoRadar® NR 3100 which could be supplied with an aiming flange. The integrated aiming flange allowed the radar to be mounted in the same position as the previous acoustic wave device which was close to the silo side wall and which allowed for the narrow 4˚ beam to be aimed towards the lowest point of the silo. This saved the customer time and money as they didn’t need to move the mounting position towards the centre of the silo where the silo was filled from.

Bring the levels to where the planner needs them

The visualising system that the customer had been using previously was very basic and limited and did not allow them to display the contents in any other way than the level of the material. The customer required the contents of the silo to be displayed in tonnes or percentage of fill. The NivoTec® NT 4600 with cabinet mounted digital display fulfilled the need by allowing the customer to choose which information they would like to see including level, tonnes, percentage, volume and a number of other options.

The customer was more than satisfied with the sensor solution:

"Thank you Graeme Hughes and UWT (UK) Ltd. This upgrade to our level monitoring system has both improved worker safety and improved accuracy for our clean wheat plant bulk tank levels."

Level monitoring system in grain storage in South England by UWT
Level monitoring system in grain storage in South England by UWT

NivoRadar® on the Silo roof

Grain stores level controlling by UWT Products

NivoRadar® non contact radarsensor

NivoRadar® Continuous level control

NivoTec® Silomanagement via Webserver

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