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Every year, particularly excellent employers are honoured for their international, national, regional and sector-specific performance.

3 at one stroke! - Because they are close to UWT's heart.

With our outstanding workplace culture, we create the conditions for a more satisfied, motivated and loyal team. This is also reflected in the more effective achievement of goals and economic success. In addition, we have more joy in our joint work!

In addition to the employee survey, a detailed audit of the corporate culture was also included in the evaluation.

More than 50 pages were devoted to measures and offers for the support and promotion of employees. Last but not least, the many initiatives that increase the team spirit and promote smooth cooperation were positively evaluated.

The triple award with the excellent rankings in this benchmark study has a special significance for us. With the feedback from the employee survey, we can improve in a targeted manner and systematically identify strengths and weaknesses.

It helps to pick up new impulses to keep the corporate culture at the highest level.

Our team appreciates this competition very much - it proves from an external point of view that we work in an excellent company.

The participation rate in the survey was 90% with 89% of all responses being positive!

This once again underlines our high standards for an employee-oriented corporate culture!

With regard to value orientation, UWT was interviewed as a best practice during the award "Bavaria's Best Employer 2022" on the topic of values and how to live them in the company.

Great Place to Work® - Award 2022 for UWT GmbH
Great Place to Work® - Award 2022 for UWT GmbH

A Cheers with the Colleagues

Thanks to the management team

Proud of our achievement - Proud of the whole UWT - Family

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