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Depending on the material, shape, size and positioning of the attachment points, lifting manhole covers can be a dangerous operation.

Light and small manhole covers can be lifted manually using levers, hooks or pullers.

For large and heavy manhole covers, the use of Valifter manhole opening trolleys is recommended. Valifter trolleys use the lever principle and allow the manual handling of heavy loads, without any effort and minimizing the risk of accidents and occupational diseases.

Valifter trolleys are hybrid, meaning they can lift both ferro-magnetic and non-ferro-magnetic manhole covers, thanks to the possibility of interchanging the magnet with the mechanical bar.

The presence of impurities, tar, oxidation as well as frost and salt can settle between the cover and the frame, impeding normal lifting. Locked manhole covers can weigh up to three times their original weight.

How do you unlock a manhole cover?

Unblocking requires the use of suitable tools.

The Valifter line offers the Hook mechanical bar as a solution. This is the only one that allows not only the handling of non-ferromagnetic manhole covers, but also the preliminary unlocking. By tightening the tie rods at the ends of the bar, it is possible to break the fouling between frame and manhole.

For handling heavy loads, the trolley is always preferred to the lever; compared to the latter and to direct-pull systems, Liftop guarantees the operator:

✓A safe distance from the open manhole during operations, avoiding the risk of falling inside it (very frequent, especially during closing);

✓The upright posture thanks to the push-down maneuver, in compliance with safety and ergonomic requirements;

✓ The significant reduction in effort, as it uses the lever principle;

✓ The control of the load being handled at all stages of the operation, avoiding the risk of the manhole cover falling into the hatch;

✓The quick adjustment of the trolley according to the manhole and the operator;

✓The easy handling of the load thanks to the wheels.


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