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VERLINDE overhead handling system

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VERLINDE fits out a new building with a light and ergonomic overhead handling system

PREFATEC France has for the last 38 years offered bespoke technical solutions to professionals and private

individuals for prefabricated electrical installations designed for new buildings or those being renovated. The

company called on VERLINDE to install equipment in its new extension which integrated a production facility.

Prefatec's main constraint for the fitting out of its new building involved dense operator traffic: the ground

surface area had to be completely free of obstructions in order to facilitate their movements. In the

production facility area, as load handling was mainly manual, the lifting system had to be ergonomic and

travel had to be mechanically free. VERLINDE also had to take account of the lightness of the structure of

the existing framework to which the weight of the handling equipment had to be adapted.

VERLINDE therefore proposed an electrical handling structure in aluminium to be suspended from the

building's structural framework, a lightweight and economical option that left the ground surface area free

from obstacles.

VERLINDE first of all had meetings with architects to validate the mass to be borne. As the loads to be

handled were light, the installation was made up of 4 lifting cranes installed side by side, each with a lifting

capacity of 125 kg and a span of 4 metres for a travel length of 20 metres. The hanging structure takes 2.29

kN. A total of 176 metres of EUROSYSTEM aluminium rails were installed. This range of hollow sections free

of gaps benefitting from an excellent minimum loss of headroom is available as monorails, runways, singlebeam or double-beam overhead cranes, simple or complex circuit systems with change of direction by

switching or by a multidirectional turntable, offering great flexibility due to its design.

VERLINDE overhead handling system

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