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Connectable Bags C.Tec (12 bar / 174 psi)

> High level of stability with lift heights up to 2.1 m (82 inches)

> Up to three bags can be used on top of each other

> Tool-free connection technology

> Constant final lifting power

In operation by ....

> Rescuing trapped persons

> Creating accesses

> Natural catastrophes, building collapses and accidents

Good reasons

> Highest lifting height in the connectable bag segment in the


> Safest connection technology in the market

(connection technology independently tested)

> Tool-free bag connection

> Bags can be used individually or combined

> No emptying necessary to dismantle

Guaranteed quality:

> The whole system is tested and certified (independently)

> Safety factor more than 4:1

> EN Complies with EN 13731 (independently tested)

> 2 year guarantee


  • Blatzheimer Str. 10-12, 53909 Zülpich, Germany
  • Vetter