Condition Monitoring Solution For Vertical Hydro Power Plant

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V6000 Machinery Protection/Condition Monitoring System

Maintenance in hydro power plants is required to ensure that generator & turbine components perform their intended functions properly, to make sure reliable system operation. Previous records of hydro power failures show us the essentiality and necessity of the famous saying: “Prevention is better than cure”. There is a clear trend toward predictive maintenance within factories and companies. Vibration condition monitoring has the first place among other condition-based maintenance technologies like temperature, oil, acoustic emission etc.

Vertical hydro turbines have large power capacity and any break in their operation leads to high expenses for the operating company. Therefore they need sophisticated condition monitoring & protection systems. Vibsens V6000 condition monitoring & protection system provides customers with all the functions and measurements needed to ensure the health of the machine.

Displacement: bearing radial vibration & DC gap monitoring

Low frequency accelerometer: bearing housing absolute vibration monitoring & protection

Tachometer: speed and phase extraction for vibration analysis

Temperature: bearing temperature monitoring

Condition Monitoring Solution for Vertical Hydro Turbine power Plant
Condition Monitoring Solution for Vertical Hydro Turbine power Plant