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Advantages of ProtoFab 3D Printer

Advantages of ProtoFab 3D Printer

1. Sirius3D printing control software is the only 3D control software that can be used on the Linux operating system in the world. It has the following advantages:

1). Linux is an open source control software, which is all genuine software, and it is a good control parameter, so there is no need to worry about piracy;

2). The security performance of Linux is extremely high, which makes it difficult for hackers to invade, and the data will not be lost under any circumstances;

3). Sirius is fast, only 2-8 seconds, 20 to 80 times faster than other 3D printing images, greatly reducing the waiting time of operators.4). Sirius software is accurate in estimating time, which is conducive to the evaluation of quotation in terms of time. The error between the estimated printing time and the real printing time is only between 0.2% and 3.8%.

5). Sirius software, one WeChat can remotely control 100 printers. It can remotely view real-time printing status, statistical materials and printing capacity, greatly saving labor and management time;


  • Ma Qing Lu, Haicang Qu, Xiamen Shi, Fujian Sheng, China
  • Vistar (ProtoFab) 3D Printer