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ProtoFab Has Flexible Solutions for Minimizing Resin Use

ProtoFab Has Flexible Solutions for Minimizing Resin Use

Customers who purchase 3D printing hardware but who primarily print small models or only use the device occasionally are often faced with the problem of using too much resin. For our SLA450 model, for example, it is necessary to fill it up with 125 to 130 kg of resin before it will operate correctly. For the larger SLA600 model even more is required, up to 200 kg. This is simply not practical for those who only need a very small amount of resin to cover their printing needs.

To solve this issue, FrotoFab has developed two solutions.

Solution 1: Custom- made stainless steel insert

The purpose of using an insert is to block off part of the vat so that less resin is required to fill it. We first produce a drawing in PTC Creo, matching the exact requirements of the customer. Once an insert is produced, it then undergoes extensive finishing to ensure it is exactly the correct size and there are no sharp edges. Using an insert like this can substantially reduce the amount of resin required, from as high as 200 kg down to something more manageable like 60 kg, or lower if necessary. The customer can add or remove inserts to adjust the amount of resin required at any given time. Typically we send out around 6 or 7 sinks, allowing for a high degree of flexibility.


  • Ma Qing Lu, Haicang Qu, Xiamen Shi, Fujian Sheng, China
  • Vistar (ProtoFab) 3D Printer