From spirits to chemicals: VLS Technologies filters for the Mexican market

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Un filtro a cartoni per Casa Herradura e un filtro pressa per Mexichem: le nostre tecnologie per la filtrazione e il trattamento dei liquidi sanciscono due nuove partnership in Messico

Casa Herradura is one of the most famous tequila producers, unmistakable for their unique logo, a lucky charm horseshoe, but also for the premium quality tequila (100% blue agave). In the 2017 they have set up an important partnership with us choosing our sheet filter SFT for the production of their famous tequila.

Casa Herradura keeps a strong bond with their past and their old factory that worked for over a century, until 1963, and is perfectly preserved. The distillery, located 10 km from Tequila city in Jalisco state, Mexico, makes a premium quality tequila following tradition, but using innovative technologies and modern working processes, keeping high the quality standards.

VLS Technologies’s sheet filter SFT

The sheet filter SFT by VLS Technologies will have an essential role during the final stage of the process, removing the unwanted compounds that may compromise the brighting and the stability of the Herradura’s tequila.

For that, our sheet filters are designed for the filtration of food and industrial liquids, in particular for the rough-cut and brightening of pre-filtered products. This can be done passing the product trough filtering sectors (sheets), mounted on specific plastic or steel plates, that allow to clear all the solids. SFT filters are completely made in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 and are provided with the filtering plates. They are available in many different sizes on demand.

The VLS Technologies’s sheet filter is used in an essential part of the production process of Herradura’s famous tequila. We were chosen not only for the reliability of our technologies but also for the finishing look of our filter. The company appearance is essential as much as the product look, in fact, the iconical bottle of Casa Herradura has become a symbol of Mexican tequila.

Working with Casa Herradura was a great challenge that allowed us to show over the ocean our high quality standards of our technologies during all the production process. A big thanks goes to our local partner, Grupo Filtrantes, that made this great partnership with Casa Herradura possible.

From spirits to chemicals: VLS Technologies filters for the Mexican market

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