NEW: cartridge filter by VUOTOTECNICA

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To allow the pneumatic suction and blowing pumps to work even in very dusty environments it is necessary to use these filters that, installed on the suction inlet connection, can keep the finest dust and impurities and affecting the capacity in a negligible manner.

The filtering cartridges, in fact, are made with a special treated paper with a porosity level of 5 ÷ 7 micron, and pleated to increase the filtering surface. FCL filters are composed of a transparent plexiglas cylindrical body inside of which is located the filtering cartridge locked by two anodised aluminium flanges that are kept in place by Seeger rings, inside of which the threaded connectors and the seals are housed.

The filters can be inspected by simply removing one of the two flanges. The container of the filtering element FP is made with plastic and it is screwed onto the blue plastic lid; a gasket located between the two elements ensures a perfect seal. The container of the filtering element FC, as well as its lid, are made with sheet steel and varnished with a special oxidation-resistant treatment. A gasket between the lid and the container ensures a perfect vacuum seal, while the release clamps on the container allow a quick opening of the lid to check or replace the filtering cartridge.

NEW: cartridge filter by VUOTOTECNICA

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