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The fuel oil handling system plays a critical role in the storage and transportation of fuel oils.

Including other functions like bunkering, loading/unloading, and transfer.

Heavy fuels like heavy fuel oil (HFO), Low Sulfur Heavy Stock (LSHS), and High-Performance Street (HPS) oil are commonly unloaded from a barge, coastal facility, or rail tanker.

Since some of the fuel oils are high viscosity, the heating is onsite through an inline electric immersion heater. Or if the onsite steam boiler is available, then steam tapped from the utilities steam header is used.

The heavy fuel oils are stored in the storage tanks with floor coil heaters. Heating the oil through steam passing through the floor coils. In the absence of the steam boilers, whether inline or flanged immersion heater type. Electric immersion heaters are also used to reduce the viscosity of fuel oils.


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