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Not all materials in heating elements are made equal. Industrialists rely on various metal alloys, ceramics, and semiconductor materials in heating coils for different purposes and effects. This post will highlight these differences and which ones work best for particular applications.

A heating element needs to do more than provide heat. It must also withstand harsh conditions within the heater itself and the environments in which it operates.

If not, the heating element will succumb to premature wear-and-tear, leading to malfunction and failure of the hardware. With that said, there are some common conditions that heating coil elements need to withstand to function appropriately in the long and short term.

Conditions heater coil elements must withstand

. Extremely high temperature

. Highly corrosive medium

. Resistance to oxidation

. Low oxygen

. High salinity

. Poor circulation

Depending on the industry or application, it’s impossible to avoid these conditions altogether. That means the materials in your heater coil elements need strength and durability to tolerate harsh conditions.


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