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Sensor with ball joint eyes

The LVDT inductive sensor LVIG by WayCon is 20 mm in diameter and is made from nickel-plated steel. The rugged design and guided transducer bar allow for measuring ranges up to 200 mm without a problem. The articulated head mounts help with assembly and prevent transverse loads on the transducer bar. The LVDT LVIG has a standard IP65 rating and is available with versions up to IP68 for severe conditions. The LVDT LVIG is available with internal electronics (0…10 V / 4…20 mA) or external electronics, which comes with a top hat rail housing. Inductive sensors have an extremely high repeatability and good linearity up to 0.25 % of the measuring range. The touchless measuring principle ensures negligible LVDT wear for lasting linear measurement with absolute position data. The sensor is largely resistant to external interferences.

The LVDT features a primary and two secondary coils. The linear movement of the transducer bar generates an electric signal. Mounted to the transducer bar is the ferromagnetic core. The core induces a voltage in the secondary coils. The electronics/measuring amplifier converts the induced voltage into a standard output signal.

Thanks to this tried and tested principle, the LVDT can be used virtually anywhere, from automation to process assurance or even quality assurance in industrial plants.

WayCon uses company developments and production to implements custom solutions.

Inductive Sensor LVDT LVIG
Inductive Sensor LVDT LVIG

LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) are displacement sensors that operate according to the inductive measuring principle. The position sensors measure precisely by means of a spring-loaded or non-spring-loaded push rod on the measured object. The push rod of an LVDT can be equipped with different probe heads (e.g. ball tips, probe plates, probe rollers) or with articulated eyes. Versions for hydraulic applications are also available.

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