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Screwdriving System for Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) - SEVC

WEBER is paving the Way for automated Human-Robot Collaboration Screwdriving

The newly unveiled HRC screwdriving system SEV-C for use in human-robot collaboration that WEBER presented for the first time in Munich aroused the interest of "automatica" trade visitors and resulted in numerous concrete customer inquiries and project concepts.

Karl Bujnowski, Managing Director of WEBER: “These days, assembly processes often have to be completed in very confined spaces and involve complex environmental variables. Furthermore, developments in the collaborative interaction of humans and machines are also continuing. The HRC screwdriving system SEV-C is WEBER's response to these questions about future screwdriving and connection technologies. Safety, efficiency and quality – all combined in one revolutionary screwdriving system.”

The solution concept that WEBER presented to the public at “automatica” in the shape of the SEV-C allows for “unfenced” collaboration between humans and robots. Screwdriving processes are completed at the same time and in the same space. This means that as defined in ISO TS 15066, WEBER achieves the highest and most complex level of collaboration.

Numerous customers and other interested parties took up the invitation to the product presentation at the WEBER trade fair stand. Work safety questions played a key role in the discussions.

The new HRC screwdriving system SEV-C consists of a screwdriving spindle, automatic feed and an intelligent control unit.

The system includes an innovative safety concept:

+ the SEV-C is surrounded by a rounded protective cover that is free of sharp edges

+ the nosepiece of the screwdriving spindle has a protective sheath and an integrated safety switch

+ all hoses, feed systems and sensors are routed in a closed cable package

+ clearly visible LED strips are installed on the side surfaces of the protective cover, indicating the system's status and providing visual warning functions

Furthermore, a universal adapter ensures that the SEV-C fits precisely and securely onto all common robot models.


HRC Screwdriving System for lightweight Robots


  • Wolfratshausen, Germany
  • WEBER Schraubautomaten GmbH

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