Enhanced safety for oxygen applications - WEH® TW152 Connector with venting bores

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The TW152 makes for easy, efficient and safe filling of oxygen cylinders and offers ease of operation. Simply place the connector onto the external thread of the cylinder valve and pull the sliding sleeve forward. The split collet design system securely locks onto the standard cylinder thread and the pressure-tight connection is established. Thanks to its compact design the TW152 is ideally suited for filling of oxygen cylinders with pressure regulator and protection cap. The connector is optionally available with either inline or 90° media inlet and for cylinder valves with residual pressure valve.

The WEH® TW152 offers maximum safety and numerous benefits for the operator:

• Safe connection – sliding sleeve is locked under pressurized conditions

• Connection in just seconds – significant timesaving

• Increased efficiency and reduced costs

• User-friendly – protects against operator RSI

• Stringent safety testing – subject to adiabatic ignition test and extensive pressure and durability tests

• Optimal cleanliness – free from oil and grease, oxygen cleaned

As part of our engineers´efforts to maintain our Continuous Improvement Programme, the TW152 has been equipped with a further safety feature. All future filling connectors will dispose of venting bores in the sliding sleeve for lateral gas venting in case of accidental gas leakage reducing the risk of spontaneous ignition.

70,000 connectors in use worldwide

WEH offers a wide range of connectors for gaseous applications. Its products have

been successfully established in the international gas industry for many years They are available for a large variety of gases and gas mixtures, e.g. inert gases, oxygen, nitrogen, propane, acetylene, CO2, medical gases etc. A suitable WEH® Connector is available for valve configurations having internal or external threads (with or without a residual pressure valve) or Pin-Index connections corresponding to virtually all national standards, e.g. DIN, CGA, BS, NF, CEN.

Visit our homepage on www.weh.com and convince yourself of our comprehensive range of connectors.

Enhanced safety for oxygen applications - WEH® TW152 Connector with venting bores

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