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Spot the shot peen finish: Heathrow T2B

Stunning metal finishes are the norm at the new terminal, with the giant aluminium-clad Slipstream sculpture as its spectacular centerpiece. But even the more functional elements of the terminal meet high aesthetic standards. A team from Wheelabrator Impact Finishers has just provided shot peen finishes for information “monoliths” dotted around T2B. The pieces were commissioned by Lee Warren Fabrication & Design Ltd, a specialist subcontractor who provided a lot of the architectural metalworking for T2B.

The finish is popular with architects specialising in public realm projects – for its visual appeal, but also because it''s low maintenance and less susceptible to showing up finger marks than brushed stainless steel finishes.

Read our architectural shot peening case studies in the link below or just have a look at the monoliths in situ next time you''re passing through Heathrow!


  • Wheelabrator