New version of "Leak-Master Mapmax" for controlling packaging integrity

WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co KG
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It can reach an as yet unmatched 15 cycles per minute. The MAP specialist Witt-Gasetechnik now presents the next generation of in-line leak detection.

The "Leak-Master Mapmax" enables non-destructive detection of even the smallest leaks using CO2 as a trace gas, and integrates seamlessly into any packaging line. Truly unique, it is able to check the entire volume of a line for leaks, contact-free and in a non-destructive manner: "With up to 15 cycles per minute, it is unrivalled. Not even one single leaking package gets to the customer", says Sebastian Lehmann, Product Manager. "Besides single packaging, even shipping cases and entire boxes can be tested."

A vacuum in the "Mapmax" test chamber creates pressure differences between the packaging and the chamber. Even the smallest leaks in the packaging allow gas to escape and this is detected by highly sensitive and ultra-fast sensors. The Witt technology focuses on the detection of carbon dioxide leaks as this gas is already present in most inert gas packaging. Costly helium or hydrogen is not required.

With the new 2015 version, Witt also introduces a number of improvements. The most important innovation: The checking of small volume packages with low gas content such as sliced products has been further improved by means of an optional dynamic area compression within the chamber. Moreover, the machine is now also equipped with a welded stainless steel frame that offers significant vibration stability. The new vacuum pump requires low maintenance and does not produce any heat. If, despite this, the machine still needs to be checked, the new design with easily removable access lids allows most maintenance tasks to be conducted during operation, without having to stop the entire production line. Thanks to quick release fasteners, wearing parts such as filters can be replaced within seconds. Even the new, high-quality conveyor technology which is characterised by two synchronised belt conveyors, has received a technical upgrade. These conveyors transport the product through the test chamber (with different sizes available).

New version of "Leak-Master Mapmax" for controlling packaging integrity

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