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Part of your system. We want to be part of your system – whether as a component in the form of wire harnesses or in the form of test stands and handling systems.

Assemblies and Handling Tasks

Due to the strong interplay of our different disciplines, we offer you the significant advantage of obtaining assemblies from a single source. You benefit from our high vertical range of manufacture and flexibility through our company group. As we produce individual components, we can also assemble them in-house, so that you will receive your ready-to-install mechanical, electrical or electromechanical assembly.

With a focus on drive and gear technology, electronics and electromechanics, we offer our customers support from the initial development, prototype construction, testing and commissioning of the product through to series production and assembly the entire package from a single source.

From the individual assembly to series production and assembly. From the individual handling axis to the complex system. We develop and manufacture your individual special solution. Thereby competence and consulting, individualization and highest availability, especially in the field of assemblies and handling tasks, mesh smoothly.


  • Stanglmühle 9-11, 85283 Wolnzach, Germany
  • WMH Herion Linner Gruppe