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New Product: Fiber small diameter tube laser cutting machine P1260

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Specially for conventional 10mm-160mm pipe processing

P1260 fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine is specially designed for small diameter pipes from 10-160mm.

In the metal furniture and soprt & fitness industries, small-caliber pipes are widely used, so P1260 thin tube laser cutting machine is the best choice to boost your business.

What are the benefits of P1260 pipe cutting machine for you?

1. The saved labor, factory rent, electricity, and gas cost can save a piece of equipment a year.

2. High-precision production saves production time and brings greater benefits.

3. Many customers actually process pipes in the range of 10mm-160mm, so the cost-effective P1260 committed our clients more benefits.

4. Customized flexible production solutions for customers, matched with other series of pipe cutting machines of our company, which can simultaneously meet customers' different pipe processing needs.

5. The equipment that truly meets CE requirements has no safety hazards, and customers have no worries about using the equipment

6. The whole machine and the feeder can be installed in only one 40-foot HQ, which greatly saves logistics costs.

Tiny pipe laser cutting machine
Tiny pipe laser cutting machine

Technical Paramters: 1. Model number: P1260 2. Laser source: IPG/ nLIGHT/ Raycys fiber laser generator (Option) 3. Laser power: 1000W 1500W 2000W (Option) 4. Tube processing area: maximum length: 6500mm rectangular tubes: 10mmx10mm-70mmx70mm round tubes: Φ10-Φ160mm 5. Max acceleration speed: 1.2G 6. Maximum feeding size: 800*800*6500 7. Control System: Germany PA system and Spain Lantek

High precision

Automatically detect the center of the pipe and keep the cutting head at the center of the pipe

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