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CHAENG comprehensive measures will be implemented provide customers with the highest protection

CHAENG comprehensive measures will be implemented provide customers with the highest protection

Top priority: Wear masks and wash your hands frequently!!!

Prevention and control materials: masks, disinfectants, medical alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, sprayers, thermometer and other anti epidemic materials have been put in place.

CHAENG Epidemic prevention and control propaganda:

Prevention and control measures:

Gatekeeper: Set up registration points and warning signs; gatekeeper and office staff are on duty 24 hours a day; equipped with thermometer, masks, disinfectant, medical alcohol, and waste mask garbage bin.

Requirements: The door guard room is disinfected every 2 hours; all personnel must take temperature measurement, registration, and alcohol disinfection before entering the company; all vehicles do not enter the company in principle, but if necessary the vehicles must be disinfected.

CHAENG Plant area: The disinfectant sprayer disinfects the plant area once a day.

CHAENG Workshop and office area: Disinfectant and medical alcohol are used to disinfect indoor and outdoor floors, walls and windows twice a day. Desktop, office equipment, machine operating area, door handles, curtains, etc. can be disinfected with medical alcohol.

Restaurant: disinfect the operating area, dining area, dishwashing area, kitchen waste area, restaurant curtains and other areas multiple times a day; implement the principle of eating in batches and at separate tables, and do not talk to each other during meals.

Toilet area: perform disinfection every 2 hours, and provide alcohol or disinfectant hand sanitizer on the washstand.

Vehicle fleet: Drivers and passengers must wear masks to get on the vehicle; disinfect the inside and outside of the vehicle before and after every departure.

Other closed areas: Disinfection and ventilation according to the frequency of use.


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