Slag powder production line

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Henan 450000t/a slag grinding plant EPC project

Project introduction: this project is invested by Jinnuo Commercial Concrete Company, the biggest commercial concrete company in Henan Province, aiming to reduce the cost of commercial concrete production and improve the profitability of the company. The project runs stably with the output of 65-75t/h, system power consumption of 38 KWh/t and fineness of 430~450㎡/kg, which reached designed output and standard.

The client from Linying, Henan Province, praised Xinxiang Great Wall Mahcienry (CHAENG) for its good services, high-quality equipment and good team spirit. This production line helps its owner achieve cost decreasing and benefit increasing, and therefore becomes a classical case in the commercial concrete industry.

450000t/a Slag grinding plant
450000t/a Slag grinding plant

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