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Cement ball Mill for Power Group Company

Cement ball Mill for Huaxin Power Group Co. by CHAENG

Three-cabin cement ball mill is a common ball mill. The internal barrel is divided into three parts in order to achieve higher fineness of grinding requirement. φ4.2*13m three-cabin cement mill produced by Great Wall Machinery (CHAENG) has the advantage of low power consumption and high grinding efficiency, so it is the ideal equipment for clinker grinding.

Since the cement production line went into operation, the production capacity of Huaxin Power Group Co., LTD improves significantly. The cement production line adopts the latest and the most advanced dry process production technology, reducing the consumption of raw material on the whole and improving the output.

With the output increasing, the initial costs have been recovered. Meanwhile, as the sales range expands constantly and the impact improves gradually, Huaxin Power Group Co., LTD steps into the forefront of cement industry


  • Xinxiang, Henan, China