Xsens Launches MTi-680G

Jeroen Riesewijk
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A Full-featured Rugged Module With Internal RTK Receiver

Xsens brings centimeter-accurate positioning capability within reach of a new generation of affordable commercial devices with the launch of new RTK-compatible inertial motion trackers. The RTK (Real-Time Kinematics) extension to conventional satellite positioning signals reduces the maximum positioning error from around ±1m in standard commercial GNSS receivers to typically ±2 cm. The MTi-680G, an integrated GNSS/Inertial Navigation System (INS) module, features an integrated RTK GNSS receiver, as well as providing synchronized 3D attitude (tilt, inclination) and heading outputs.

The new MTi-680G, a new product in its MTi 600-series, also features upgraded firmware which substantially accelerates the module’s internal signal processing compared to non-RTK modules. Synchronizing the global position coordinates with the module’s attitude, heading and velocity outputs, the MTi-680G can provide a comprehensive positioning and navigation output for any carrier device, including of devices such as drones that move at high speed, at a maximum output data rate of 400Hz.

The RTK-enabled module also offers other features which make it stand out from the competition:

Precise factory calibration of every production unit

High immunity to magnetic interference

Adaptive firmware operation to optimize performance in various types of scenario

Easy-to-use, free MT Software Suite developer tools to accelerate integration into end product designs

Out-of-the-box operation with Xsens’ popular MTi development kits

Boele de Bie, Xsens’ CEO, said: ‘Centimeter-accurate positioning at an affordable price for commercial applications – this is the promise of the new RTK-compatible MTi-680G product. From seed-sowing agricultural robots to autonomous cargo ships, a whole new generation of applications is now possible thanks to the centimeter-level accuracy of the MTi-680G’s position measurements.’


The MTi-680G RTK-GNSS/INS rugged module includes a full-featured internal RTK receiver, which enables cm-level accurate positioning, sub 0.5deg orientation estimates, a rugged IP68 rated housing, as well as a very small form factor at an industry breaking price point.



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