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The Beginner's Guide to waterproof box


The IP68 waterproof box in yongu sealing ring is made of one-piece silicone, which has high waterproof and high sealing performance; profile stretched enclose, die-cast waterproof cover; stainless steel screws.

waterproof box customization

The applications for IP68 enclosures

The high protection standard of the IP68 enclosure makes it a natural choice for some of the most demanding electrical and electronic applications. These usually include:

Rail subway equipment

Equipment in areas that may be affected by flooding

Underwater detection equipment

Equipment that will be repeatedly pressed down by high pressure hoses

Outdoor monitoring equipment

There are many different applications for IP68 waterproof outdoor box, and the materials and properties make a big difference in determining which model is suitable for which use. Our most popular waterproof box are rugged and look great. High-quality aluminum profiles are used for high-precision machining, and accessories for various housings can be customized.

Our enclosures are designed and manufactured to the strictest quality standards. All of our enclosures are tested by the relevant safety experts so that our customers understand our unwavering commitment to the performance of aluminum enclosure. And when our customers need custom features on their enclosures, we can do it easily with technologies like CNC machining.

Yongu is a service-oriented intelligent manufacturer focusing on solving the whole solution of aluminum enclosure. It has established five business divisions of R&D design, sales operations, intelligent manufacturing, surface treatment, and supply chain management, and is committed to providing more customers with solutions. One-stop service for appearance design and structural design, and final production.


  • Ling Nan Lu, Hai Zhu Qu, Guang Zhou Shi, Guang Dong Sheng, China