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As important parts of mechanical machines, springs have good elasticity that can make it work. Made from spring steel, are widely used in machines and instruments, to control the movement of mechanical parts, ease the shock or vibration, save energy or measure the size of the force. Although spring is a small among whole manufacturing industry, it plays an vital part. To keep pace with national manufacturing and automobile industry, as parts of components, spring industry must speed up the development, to adapt to the development of the entire industry of the state. In the process of spring production, tempering is required to obtain better mechanical properties, stabilize the spring structure and dimensions, and eliminate internal stresses. This article aims to introduce the appliance of AI temperature indicator AI-501 on the process of eliminating internal stresses.

Principle Theory

The yield strength of spring can increase by 90% of the tensile strength through tempering management. Also, that can improve creep performance, stabilize the structure and dimensions. Spring outer ring will shrink to a stable level in 15 to 30 minutes. But we must avoid tempering by increasing temperature and shortening time, as temperature increases, hardness rises and then decreases. The best temperature for fatigue performance is slightly lower than that for hardness.

Stable temperature, between 250 and 280℃,can make color well distributed. If adopt temperature range from 200 to 250℃, the strength will increase, but toughness can be reduced, which will causes tension, when tension or torsion spring are bent. Thus, temperature is very important for tempering. Here we can choose Yudian intelligent temperature indicator AI-501 with alarm fanction to detect and monitor this process of tempering.

The temperature should be controlled within 250~280℃, we need a group of switch alarms to provide dates for buzzer and PLC. At the same time, make sure that alarm relays do not work if temperature is not in 250~280℃. One unit touch screen is used to collect data of each thermometer of multiple working pipelines. And each indicator can support output signal of 4-20mA to DCS systems to showing temperature. Here we recommend temperature indicator AI-501BI4X3L1L1S (Size: 160*80, Input Signal: 4-20mA, Alarm: 2 relay alarms, Retransmission: 4-20mA, Communication: RS485) and paperless touchs screen recorder AI-3170S/3190S (Max 36 channels, Size: 7 inch )

Parameter setting

1.Set Loc=808 and then press returning key to access. Under this situation, set INP=15, SCL=1000, OPT=4-20.

2.IP Addresses are set as 1, 2, 3, 4...

3.For alarm output, parameters settings are HIAL=280, LOAL=250, LDAL=150, AOP=3011.

Since working temperature situation, so if temperature is not within 250~280℃, then alarm will activate. But when it is out of work, that is, under 150℃, alarm should not work.


Yudian intelligent temperature indicator AI-501 can meet the requirements of controlling whole system, with high accuracy and stable performance, it enjoy great popularity among manufacturing factory. That scheme realize centralized display operation and function of paperless touch screen recorders, which have high-grade performance. Each indicator work independently and will not affect the working of paperless recorder, that is what we said “Centralized Operation, Danger Dispersion”.

Size: 96*96, 160*80, 80*160, 72*72, 48*96, 96*48, 48*48

Size: 96*96, 160*80, 80*160, 72*72, 48*96, 96*48, 48*48

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