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Zimmer Group presents the virtual trade show booth

digital alternatives during the pandemic

Zimmer Group normally attends an average of more than 50 trade shows per year worldwide as an exhibitor with our own booth. As you are already aware, in-person events such as industrial trade shows or roadshows are still not an option due to the ongoing pandemic situation. But since customers are still looking for innovative solutions and new products in order to stay successful on the market, especially in times like these, it is imperative that the COVID-19 pandemic does not cause our contact with trade show visitors to suffer due to cancellations and rescheduling. For this reason, Zimmer Group is now introducing its virtual trade show booth as the digital answer to COVID-19!

The virtual trade show booth with advantages for the customer

Although a virtual booth cannot fully replace a trade show for Zimmer Group, it can still play a crucial role in our dialog with customers and prospective customers and offer them several benefits: In addition to cutting costs (seeing as the online option eliminates the usual costs of attending a trade show such as admission fees, travel and hotel costs, etc.), using an online trade show booth takes significantly less time. Anyone who is interested can conveniently visit the virtual booth from their home or office at any time – 24/7. The new platform allows you to "meet" the Zimmer Group contact persons digitally. You can ask questions easily and directly online using the contact form provided there.

Virtual showroom

Check out the virtual showroom at and be inspired by exciting and interesting special features from Zimmer Group. There are animations taking you through the six technology areas as well as our own corporate area. The exhibits and services on the rotating trade show booth of the German automation specialist are rendered in stunning digital representation. There are 3D models of the products that can be viewed from all sides. All exhibits shown are digitally interactive (clickable hotspots), and each one features a content window with the unique selling points of the specific products. Another click lets you to see greater detail in the form of additional images and datasheets. If you require additional information, there is a video presentation for your benefit. All information and content for our virtual booth can be called up in Zimmer Group's communication languages: German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.


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