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The complexity of the problems concerning the mixing technology requires careful consideration of the process requirements in order to identify the suitable agitator to solve these issues. Shaft and impellers are the most important components that need to be carefully designed to achieve the process requirements. The shaft is an essential and critical mechanical element for the performance of the mixer because if it is not rigidly supported, it may vibrate and cause misalignment and consequently damage to the whole system. Zucchetti, with the experience acquired in 50 years of activity and the continuous monitoring of all essential mixing improvements, guarantees the highest operating procedure on quality and design through the analysis of torsional / bending stresses and the critical speed, in order to meet all mechanical requirements and avoid any unpleasant breakdown. Understanding of key parameters and the effect created by the different impellers on flows may suggest the best solution to produce the desired result. More efficient impellers mean greater benefits in pumping and power efficiency with cost-effective mixing technology. Zucchetti is constantly engaged on the research and development of new impeller designs that can provide opportunities for process improvements. We focus our attention on applications where advanced impeller design and cutting edge mixing solutions are required in order to comply with all critical situations that can interest the process. We operate as a full service provider and we are able to offer the best software applications to complete the entire project:

- FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is a computer program that uses the finite element method to study and test a material or object and find how applied stresses & modal analysis will interest the material or the design. FEA can estimate any points of weakness in a design before production reducing cost and time.

- CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a fundamental and preeminent mixing technology technique that develops a real model of the mixing process on an industrial scale project. This method, with a distinctive employment of numerical analysis and physical models, examines more carefully those processes that are problematic to study with conventional testing ways.

Zucchetti has experienced process engineers that provide consultation and expert advice. Thanks to our R&D facilities all processes can be simulated on scale to find the most suitable solution for real-scale situations. We develop prototypes for testing new impellers to improve our existing line of equipment even further.

Our mission is to work with our customers to supply customized mixing process technology with fluid mixing equipment characterized by the highest level of quality.


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