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Straightness under control with ZUMBACH’s new BENDCHECK

Manufacturers of steel tubes and bars are increasingly confronted with the fact that their products must meet higher quality requirements. Tight specifications for precise outer diameters are established in the market for many years, but demands for product straightness are now increasing.

In the past, a few off-line samples were used to analyze the entire production. Important process information was lost and a complete quality control across the entire production could not be guaranteed.

With the new BENDCHECK system from ZUMBACH, straightness, diameter and ovality can be measured directly in the production process. With an extension of the number of measuring points, head and tail bend of the product can be determined in addition to the straightness. Each pipe or bar is therefore completely recorded, measured and logged. Deviations are indicated in real time, so that the production process can be optimized quickly and profitably and unsatisfactory products can be sorted.

A customer-friendly display and control unit visualizes all important and relevant data at a glance. Measured values, statistics, trend charts and process data can be displayed clearly and conveniently. Thus, the new BENDCHECK system offers a complete measuring solution for the increasing demands of the market.

As part of the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0; in-line measuring systems are taking over increasingly more important roles. Also in this area the new BENDCHECK system can fulfill the high expectations. The seamless acquisition and processing of measured data enables exchange with higher-level systems via communication protocols such as OPC UA and therefore making an important contribution to the digitalization of production processes.

With the BENDCHECK system from ZUMBACH an industrial solution is now available which records and makes available all important data of a modern production.


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