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Made Complex shape measurement easy

Measuring System PROFILEMASTER® from ZUMBACH

ZUMBACH Electronic, a leading manufacturer of non-contact measuring technologies for the plastic and cable industry, is extending the existing and well-established PROFILEMASTER measurement system range with two new, advanced systems. The new PROFILEMASTER PMM 130 and PMM 160 are technological advancements and offer a higher measuring frequency, extended measuring field and improved precision. The proven light-section measurement principle used in PROFILEMASTER, enables a fast and complete acquisition of the contour to be measured.

In the design of the measuring frame, emphasis was placed on simple and practical handling. Therefore, the system can be easily inserted into a running extrusion line. The angle adjustment integrated in the measuring frame also enables an ideal positioning of the camera / laser modules to the profile, which results in improved contour coverage. The open and accessible concept also simplifies maintenance, even during operation.

With the two new PROFILEMASTER PMM versions, a multitude of profiles can be measured. The PROFILEMASTER PMM 130-4K has a measuring field of 130mm with four camera / laser modules arranged around the product, from these the contour is captured and measured. The PROFILEMASTER PMM 160-6K has a measuring field of 160mm and offers six camera / laser modules. Thus, even complex profiles can be fully captured and measured.

The long-proven PROFILEMASTER user interface is also used with the PMM 130 and PMM 160. With ease, new profiles can be added using a DFX drawing or a pre-made template, and all important measurement points can be defined. The clear display reveals all relevant information about the product and process at a glance and helps to optimize production profitably.

With a measurement frequency of up to 200 complete contours per second, all defined dimensions, radii and angles are precisely measured and monitored. This high measuring frequency makes it possible to monitor and record the production process better. Short-term changes and variations become visible, making the production process as transparent as never before. All measurement data are collected and used for statistics and SPC data (Statistical Process Control).

The digitization process of Industry 4.0 is also supported by the PROFILEMASTER. With the OPC UA protocol, the communication protocol of choice of Industry 4.0, the PROFILEMASTER can be easily integrated into industrial automated solutions. The exchange of data is therefore easily achievable.


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