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GaugePro, simple offline sample testing

Fast and precise measurement of tubular samples

Tube and hose manufacturers are searching for fast, precise and cost-effective ways to measure and record tubular samples in the laboratory.

Conventional contact measuring equipment such as calipers, micrometers or dial gauges offer no satisfactory solution. The small, sometimes soft products are deformed by the contact pressure, which has a negative effect on the acquisition of the measured value. In addition, contact measurement methods and their associated results are heavily dependent on the persons making them. Different handling of the measuring tools as well as dexterity often result in significant variations in results.

With ZUMBACH’s GaugePro it is now possible to perform the measurement of tubular samples completely contactless. With state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology, the wall thickness, inside diameter and outside diameter are measured instantly. In addition, the ovality and eccentricity can be determined.

The inserted sample is measured immediately at four fixed measuring points. Due to the rotation function, the measurement can be extended to eight measuring points. This increases the coverage around the product and all variations in wall thickness become visible.

An automatic self-calibration ensures that the measured values are accurately and reliably recorded even under changing environmental conditions.

All measured values are displayed clearly in the large user interface. Several measured tube samples can be summarised in a common statistic. The logging of the measurement results is thus fast, easy and reliable. GaugePro can make the measurement results available in different ways. In addition to a conventional printout of the measurement results, they can also be stored in a CSV file, or written directly to a customer-side MySQL database via the ODBC interface.

Currently two GaugePro variants are available. GaugePro 8 covers a diameter range from 2.5mm to 8mm. GaugePro 22 can measure tube samples from 6.8mm to 22mm.

Using GaugePro makes off-line measurement of tubular samples significantly faster, more accurate and more reliable. A handy and efficient tool has emerged that considerably increases the productivity of every quality assurance and supports modern digitization.


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