Smart Actuators Meet Increasing Demand for Greater Connectivity, Application Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

Thomson Industries, Inc.
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Benefit from electromechanical actuators with integrated, affordable position feedback with easy network connectivity

A recent article details how the new generation of Thomson smart linear actuators can help with more complex automation schemes and a more compact system footprint, which simplifies operation and lowers cost of ownership.

Key among the benefits is the integration of electronics into the actuator's housing, including:

• Low-level power switching.

• Position feedback / end-of-stroke indication.

• Simplified control architectures with bus operation.

• Monitoring and diagnostics.

• Remote access and communication protocols.

• Synchronisation.

Learn more about these features and the benefits of integrated onboard electronics. Read the article on the Thomson website.

Electrak HD smart linear cylinder
Electrak HD smart linear cylinder

Electromechanical linear actuator with integrated, affordable position feedback with easy network connectivity.

Smart electromechanical actuators for factory automation applications

Once smart actuation is introduced into a facility’s automation process, the benefits are immediate and exponential. Machine design is simplified with increased flexibility and plug and play functionality, control capabilities are enhanced and energy usage is decreased.

Smart actuators in combines application

Mobile off-highway is a market where CAN bus version J1939 is predominantly used.

Smart linear actuators in Material Handling applications

Smart linear actuators offer precise control and reliable feedback for logistic trains and automated guided vehicles (AGV)

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