Cut costs on equipment repair with the 19”-24” LCD Monitor Enclosure

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Stop forking out on screen repair and replacement costs with Armagard’s PDS, 19”-24” LCD Monitor Enclosure.

This unit protects your business against:

• Repair and replacement costs for damaged equipment

• Equipment downtime resulting in profit loss and loss of market share

• Loss of reputation caused by delays and failure to deliver

A multipurpose product, the LCD Monitor Enclosure can be used for industrial or commercial purposes and can be deployed indoors or outside.

Manufactured using powder coated mild steel, the LCD Monitor Enclosure can last up to 10 years or more, representing great value for money compared with investing in specialist industrial computer equipment.

The advantage of an enclosure is that screens and monitors can easily be upgraded, whereas replacing an integrated system requires an engineer or removal of the system completely and starting again. The unit is built for your convenience and to keep disruption to your business to a minimum.

Armagard says: “The LCD Monitor Enclosure makes screens and monitors usable in unconventional work settings without you having to replace your entire computer system, saving you time and money.”

The PDS, 19”-24” LCD Monitor Enclosure is delivered as seen, with no assembly required on your part. You can wall or stand mount the unit, a space saving benefit that enables you to keep congested workspaces clear and further keep equipment out of harm’s way.

The product has been rigorously tested and carries an IP54 industry rating.

3 reasons to buy – a summary

1. REDUCE SPEND – Cut costs on equipment repair/replacement.

2. PROTECTION – Does more than protect equipment. It protects profits and reputations.

3. CONVENIENT – Replace screens or monitors without having to replace entire systems.

After sales benefits

• 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts

• 1 year warranty covering all electrical components

Cut costs on equipment repair with the 19”-24” LCD Monitor Enclosure

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